Buy Side Representation


You don't have to go through the business buying process alone


Transworld Business Advisors can advocate for you during the process with our Buy Side Representation Service

When engaged in a business acquisition transaction with a business seller or a seller's broker, it is best to seek Buy Side Representation to protect your interests, manage transaction steps and improve your overall business purchase outcome. Transworld Business Advisors can help business owners, individuals, partnerships and investment firms to buy a business even if they are already engaged in the process of buying a company with a seller or their broker.

Whether you are buying a business to accumulate wealth, build your investment assets, or to buy a job – whether you are a first-time business buyer or an experienced business owner, an acquisition can present hurdles and challenges. Finding a trusted business advisor to manage the process and act as your exclusive buyer representative is a prudent choice to keep deal flow moving towards a successful closing.

Our job is to help you close on your business acquisition with confidence.

When working with us to represent you at the negotiation table in a business acquisition transaction, you can expect that we will support your interest as the business buyer. Scope of our services may include all or some of the following:

  • Consult and provide deal guidance
  • Review and execute a confidentiality agreement
  • Review the proposed deal and business' financials
  • Review the pricing strategy
  • Assist in drafting and executing a Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Offer negotiations with the seller's broker
  • Assist with due diligence process
  • Structure the deal
  • Assist with lease, legal and financing strategies
  • Help you prepare for closing and close
  • Plan for training and provide transition support

The Buy Side Representation Service is for buyer clients who are engaged with a seller’s broker from an outside firm or are engaged with a seller representing themself in a sale transaction.