Franchise Services

Transworld Business Advisors is a one stop shop when it comes to franchising.


Our Franchise Services address needs of aspiring franchise owners, existing franchise owners who want to sell their locations, or to invest into additional brands, companies that want to franchise and franchisors who want a partner to help them expand in Quebec or get qualified buyers for existing locations experiencing turnover. Additionally, if you require to secure a location, negotiate a lease or buy a building for your franchise, we may assist you with our Real Estate Services.

Our Franchise Services offering includes:

  • Resale A Franchise – we partner with franchisors and franchisees and market confidentially their existing franchise locations experiencing turnover or when franchisee is ready to retire or sell – we identify qualified buyers and manage the entire sale process till successful closing
  • Franchise A Business – through our strategic allegiance with United Franchise Group we know the current franchising trends and know what it takes to help a company become a successful franchise business
  • Buy a Franchise (New and Resale) – through our strategic allegiances with both United Franchise Group and International Franchise Professionals Group, as well as, other direct franchisor relationships, we have a direct access to many franchise brands – this allows us to understand the market and to match potential buyers with new or existing franchise opportunities