For Realtors

Transworld is open to work with realtors.

We are a registered real estate brokerage in Quebec and there are many ways you could work with Transworld and we could work with you. Some of them include:

  • Co-operate on Transworld or your business or real estate listing – one of your or our clients may be the right buyer on the listings
  • Take a referral on a business for sale (with or without property) – as we specialize in business sales our value proposition to you is that we can optimize chances of a successful closing on a business transaction allowing you to earn a referral fee
  • Co-broke a deal where we represent the business and you represent the property – in certain larger transactions, it could make sense that we work together on a deal where you represent the real estate side and we focus on the business sale
  • Refer to you our client for a property transaction or leasing needs – there may be situations where you may offer a compelling value proposition to us where your knowledge of a particular market or an asset class would optimize chances of a successful closing for our client